About me

I'm born in 1963 and live in the Eastern part of Jutland in Denmark.

The nature has always been my passion but only during the last 7 years I've tried to capture my impression of it on film. Making nature photos is a way for me to relax.

I shoot mostly the nature I'm familiar with near my home. 

To see my photos please press the Galleri button on the left. It's in Danish/Latin but it's easy to use even if you don't know the Danish language.

The copyright for all photos on this site belongs to John Borgbjerg and no use is granted without authorization.

I'm a member of the following organizations (please see the Links page):

I use Canon equipment. The camera body is Canon EOS 20D and the lenses range from wide angle to long telephoto lenses. Avoiding vibrations is necessary both with long telephoto lenses and long exposures. To achieve this, I use Manfrotto tripods and heads. 

Most of my bird photos are shot from a mobile blind. When photographing deer, I normally dress up in camouflage clothes.

If you want to buy some photos, please drop me an e-mail and we will find a fair price.

You can contact me by pressing the following link:  Borgbjerg Nature Photo